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The life of a bipolar enigma

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I am 36..I have bipolar, Bpd, Panic disorder, Clinical depression and Sensory processing disorder.
I am very eccentric and I can be very intense and even mentally unstable at times, depending on how much stress is in my life.

I am married and have no kids..don't want any.

I am obsessed with anime..especially sasuke.
I get attactched to people very easily and can sometimes form an intense fascination with someone can become a sort of crush..not a sexual crush mind you.

Art is my passion..I do scrap art and I draw and I do photography.
I read and write a lot as well.

I love music too I love classic rock, metal, alternative, grunge, rap, techno, classical music, country, blue grass, folk.

Don't follow me if you are going to judge

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